Wilsonii Olive

Olive Trees – Wilsonii Olive

Olive trees thrive in warm, sunny locations. In the Southwest, plant them in lawn areas if their soil drains well.

This straightforward tree has the appearance and growth habit of an olive but doesn’t produce unsightly fruits that cannot be consumed by people or deer. Additionally, it is deer resistant and drought tolerant.

This screen is an excellent solution for providing privacy.

Early Life and Education

Olive trees make an exquisite addition to many landscape designs, offering shade and beauty while accenting other plants in the garden. Wilson olive is an easy variety to grow that adds elegance to home landscapes.

The Wilsonii olive is a non-fruiting cultivar descended from Manzanillo olive trees and can be planted as an evergreen shade tree, low branching screen or hedge. Drought-resistant and resistant to fire and disease, its unique multiple trunked design adds character.

Olea europaea Wilsonii thrives in full sun conditions, yet tolerates poor, rocky soil once established. A low maintenance medium-sized tree, it fits beautifully with Mediterranean Southwest styles due to its attractive gray/green foliage that adds visual interest. It makes an attractive accent tree.

Professional Career

Olive trees are the ideal plant to compliment our sunny climate. Their versatility enables them to fit seamlessly into a range of garden styles ranging from traditional to contemporary designs.

These beautiful blooms thrive in dry, rocky soils and deer-resistant gardens – they even thrive in richer, well-drained Mediterranean-style garden areas! A must have in any Arizona backyard.

Wilsonii Fruitless Olive (Olea Europaea Monher) is an easy-to-grow evergreen shade tree perfect for creating year-round shade and beauty in any southwestern Mediterranean landscape style. No messy olive litter will build up, nor pollen that aggravates allergies!

Keep the soil surrounding the rootball moist by watering regularly but sparsely; allow dry periods between watering sessions as this could invite rot and other problems to appear. In colder climates, potted plants should be brought indoors prior to frost.

Achievement and Honors

Wilson Fruitless Olive Trees are an easy, medium-sized evergreen. Forming an airy cloud-shaped canopy with small narrow dark green leaves, they offer an appealing alternative to more conventional olives such as Mission and Manzanillo trees in terms of appearance and shade requirements. Plus they won’t produce all that messy litter of twigs and leaves left by traditional olives!

Heat and drought-tolerant, this plant makes an excellent addition to California landscapes. Though adaptable, sandy, loamy or clay soils tend to provide optimal growth conditions; plus it’s pest-free! Plus it comes with no worries – making for long lasting landscapers!

Wilson fruitless olive trees make an excellent addition to public landscapes, commercial sites, CalTrans/Highways highways, malls and residential gardens throughout California and Florida. Providing excellent shade cover throughout their respective states; Florida Texas Arizona California.

Personal Life

Olive trees make an eye-catching addition to most landscape styles with their slow-growing evergreen form, gnarled trunks and gray foliage – but pollen production can cause allergies in some people. As an antidote to this problem, low pollinating varieties like Little Ollie, Swan Hill and Wilsonii should be planted instead.

Wilsonii olive trees reportedly produce less than 15 grams of pollen annually compared to 50-150 grams shed by other fruiting varieties of olive trees each spring.

This slow-growing variety can withstand full sun conditions, poor, rocky or shallow soil and verticillium wilt, making it a good option for replacing lawns with shade-giving trees that use minimal additional water resources – plus it’s both fireproof and drought-tolerant!

Net Worth

Web and Wreath This evergreen variety features a slow to medium growth rate and can reach 25 feet tall. It thrives under heat and windy conditions with pest-free gray-green foliage that’s drought tolerant; furthermore it boasts long life as it remains pest free and pest-free! Ideally suited to full sunlight locations but will thrive anywhere.

Wilsonii olive trees can be used either alone or combined with other specimens for added effect in landscape and residential design, making an eye-catching statement in both environments. Popular as hedgerow hedging trees or accent trees, Wilsonii olive trees also boast high resistance against pests like aphids, thrips and the American plum borer – making them great choices for urban environments with limited space available for traditional trees like those found throughout the Southwest desert region.

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