Wotlk Best Class

WotLK Best Class Guide

There are many great classes in WotLK. But there are some that stand out. These classes all have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, and finding the class that best suits your play style is important to your success. In this guide, we’ll discuss which classes have the most useful skills and features.

As a protection class, the Protection Paladin has a lot going for it. It has a lot of AoE, and several useful auras. Its passive ability, which heals the tank every 2 minutes, is one of its best features. Another advantage is that it has good utility and HPS. A Protection Paladin is a great choice for raids.

Shadow priests are very popular at the beginning of expansion. Their skill rotation is more complex than other classes and they are more sought-after. They also deal out great AoE and multi-dot damage, and provide a variety of buffs for the group. Vampiric Emberance is a unique damage mitigation talent that provides healing to party members depending on how much damage they do.

The Unholy DK is a powerful class at the beginning of the expansion. However, it lacks armor penetration. It does have decent single-target damage and AoE. It is also a great tank. People who prefer melee classes might also like the Human or Orc.

Although the Destro lock isn’t as effective as other locks, it does have some advantages. Although it does not have a lot of single-target damage it can kill enemies quickly and it is easy to control. It has raw damage and survivability. This class is still a good choice for PvP.

Protection Warriors are less powerful than they once were. They have been nerfed a bit, but not enough to compensate for it. Their single-target damage and high survivability make them a solid choice for tanking. However, they lack the bells and whistles of other classes, such as Paladins.

The Death Knight is still the best DPS class in the game. Their set bonuses are among the best in this tier, and they give Death Knight a nice power spike. As a result, everyone else has improved their gear. Marksmanship Hunters now have Armor Penetration and Fire Mages have more than enough crit to be a viable option.

Shadow Priests: The Shadow Priest is another class that has a strong presence within the WotLK PvP meta. The Shadow Priest is a great choice in competitive PvP. However, it is slightly behind Warlocks when it comes to tanking. Although the Shadow Priest is not as tanky and as powerful as the Affliction Warlock’s damage output, it is still a great choice for competitive PvP. Many comps can easily counter it.

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