Xavier Adams

Xavier Adams

Xavier Adams is an expressive contemporary R&B singer-songwriter-producer. Recording under his stage name of Xavier Omar, he has collaborated with artists including Asaiah Ziv, Swade and Masego.

Erich earned his undergraduate degree at Baylor University in Waco, Texas where he collaborated with teens in a nonprofit setting to build relationships and facilitate their academic and personal success. A strong advocate of education, Erich is dedicated to helping each student discover his or her full potential.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education is an integral component of child development. Through early education, children develop social and self-esteem skills as well as understandings about the world and moral outlooks.

According to UNESCO, these experiences are essential for future cognitive development in children. Additionally, high-quality early childhood education helps create a foundation for the health and well-being of children, families and communities.

Early learning is integral to many of ED’s programs, including Promise Neighborhoods, Full Service Community Schools and Comprehensive Literacy State Development. Early learning also forms an essential element of various grant programs offered by ED such as Demonstration Grants for Indian Children and Alaska Native Education.

Professional Career

Adams discovered a great love of photography during his early adulthood and dedicated much of his time and resources to promote it worldwide. He wrote numerous influential technical articles as well as producing 10 volumes of technical manuals about it.

He was an enthusiastic photographer of nature, particularly of California Coast and Sierra Nevada mountains. Some of his early shots were made on hiking trips organized by Sierra Club each summer.

Adams continued his passion for photography when he transitioned into teaching, earning his Master of Teaching Science degree at Duke before working as a remote teacher for Orange County Schools.

Achievement and Honors

Xavier Adams graduated from the Master of Arts in Teaching program and now teaches world history, Honors African American studies, and Latin American studies at Orange High School. Now in his second semester as a teacher, he has discovered that inviting dialogue about recent power grabs or kingdom rivalries from centuries past can engage his students and spark an interest for better decisions today.

Adams captured his second straight State Open title by defeating South Windsor’s Kyden Merlin in the finals. Additionally, his efforts helped lead Falcons wrestling team to its first Class M state championship since 1995.

After graduating from Duke Divinity School in 2019, he shifted his focus from religious nonprofit work to working with high school students. Here he can make more impact through classroom interaction where he has more opportunity for developing strong relationships.

Personal Life

Xavier Adams was born in the United States. An artist and telekinetic, he also possesses natural leadership capabilities. A member of Nightshade Society as well as Nevermore Academy, Xavier enjoys drawing his inspiration for art from nature.

Adams began painting and drawing during his early childhood years, quickly becoming adept and receiving accolades for his efforts.

After his college years, he attempted to break into comics as a career path and sought employment with DC; unfortunately their editors denied him the position.

Later he founded Continuity Comics, publishing several series of comic books. However, this venture proved short-lived as it led to legal dispute with fellow artist Michael Netzer.

He created the superhero Killraven who lived in a post-apocalyptic world. His work was widely popular and he can claim many successful characters among them.

Net Worth

Xavier Adams is a professional basketball player currently playing for Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA. At 6’5, Adams earned All-Pac-12 first team honors in 2014 before being chosen 22nd overall in that year’s draft.

He is a gifted, skilled, and hardworking athlete with the drive and determination to succeed in sports. Despite facing numerous setbacks during his career, his perseverance has allowed him to thrive and prosper in spite of them all.

He is an outstanding teammate, contributing to his teams’ success while leading by example in every way possible. Additionally, he is well known as an inspirational leader known for his commitment to his teammates – making him one of the most beloved players in NBA. He currently boasts an estimated net worth of $4 Million.

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