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XXXTentacion, born Jahseh Onfroy, rose rapidly in fame within the music industry while simultaneously dealing with serious legal issues and domestic violence allegations. He was scheduled to face trial for one such domestic assault charge when he was killed.

In mid-May, XXXTentacion met his former flame for the first time in Orlando and, over two days, allegedly elbowed, punched and kicked her repeatedly according to testimony.

Early Life and Education

Fans were shocked by XXXTentacion’s death. He was shot outside a motorcycle shop in Deerfield Beach, Florida just 22 years old.

His music touched on many pressing issues and often stirred controversy among listeners, often touching upon depression and mental health concerns – an approach to music that made him stand out from many rap artists who focus solely on money, cars and women.

At an early age, this rapper found solace in nu-metal and hard rock music. Additionally, he became passionate about boxing; often sneaking out of bed after curfew to practice punches. With time came success as an artist with an enormous fan base. Today his younger brother Aiden has taken over this mantle to continue the legacy.

Professional Career

XXXTentacion was one of the biggest rappers worldwide until his death in 2018. His fiery lyrics and alienation-themed music resonated deeply with listeners. Additionally, his natural fighting ability was evidenced in an online video where “Look At Me” rapper boxed around with friends before challenging renowned boxer Don One for an exhibition bout that proved triumphant for him.

Florida rapper Florida Rapper 17 released music throughout their short career. Their debut album 17 debuted in August 2017 with Trippie Redd and reached No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart, followed by Members Only EP featuring Ski Mask the Slump God.

Achievement and Honors

Prior to his murder in June 2018 by two gunshot wounds, rapper XXXTentacion had much potential as an artist. His fiery lyrics and alienation-themed music garnered him a large fan base; thus, 17 won Favorite Soul/R&B album at this year’s American Music Awards – beating out Cardi B, Khalid, and Camila Cabello for this prize.

After the tragic passing of XXXTentacion, his death ignited numerous conspiracies, with speculations including one suggesting Drake may be involved. Later this year, rapper Mill paid his respects during his song Stay Woke by paying tribute to him during his performance.

Dedrick Williams, Michael Boatwright and Trayvon Newsome will serve out their lives behind bars after being found guilty in the killing of 20-year-old rapper, K’Zon. On Thursday they were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Personal Life

XXXTentacion was no stranger to controversy; his life was marked by fights and arrests for violent behavior, while his provocative lyrics and alienation-themed music earned him an avid following among a vast cult audience.

May 17: XXXTentacion releases his debut mixtape Revenge. Featuring eight songs that had previously been posted to SoundCloud, Revenge peaked at No. 44 on Billboard 200 charts.

September 2017: Ex-girlfriend of XXXTentacion provides graphic details of domestic abuse. Pitchfork reports excerpts of her testimony, wherein she claims XXXTentacion hit and used plastic hangers to penetrate her.

XXXTentacion earned the No. 10 position on XXL’s Freshman Class cover despite facing domestic-violence charges against him, as well as debuting his long-form podcast No Jumper where he discussed his troubled background and provided graphic accounts of attacking one of his cellmates in juvenile detention.

Net Worth

At an early age, XXXTentacion demonstrated his love for music by taking up guitar and piano playing as well as taking an interest in nu-metal and hard rock bands like Metallica and Queen. Furthermore, he took to rapping as his form of expression.

Despite facing legal troubles, this rapper managed to develop an immense following. His passionate lyrics and alienation-themed songs earned him an enormous fanbase.

XXXTentacion began his rise to success in 2015 when he independently released an EP called Ice House via SoundCloud. Later that same year he collaborated with Ski Mask the Slump God on Members Only Vol. 3, while making the cover of XXL magazine as number 10.

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