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Cem Habib – A Prominent Financier and Partner at CIS Private Equity Management Limited

Cem Habib, partner at CIS Private Equity Management Limited and widely recognized for his appearance on Caroline Stanbury’s reality show Ladies of London, became popularly known due to this exposure.

Born February 21st 1975 in Turkey. Graduate of American University Kogod School of Business where he earned both BA and BS in International Business & Finance degrees.

Early Life and Education

Current information available about her early life and childhood are limited; however, it is known that she attended a private institution to complete high school education.

Once she completed high school, she moved to the US for further studies, earning both her Bachelor of Arts in International Business and her Bachelor of Science in Finance degrees at American University – Kogod School of Business in Washington DC.

Cem Habib and she have been married for more than 15 years now and share two sons – Aaron and Zac.

Cem Habib, born February 21st 1975 in Turkey with Pisces birth sign is an accomplished financier who is the partner at CIS Private Equity Management Limited and has made significant fortune during his career.

Professional Career

He is an esteemed financier and partner at CIS Private Equity Management Limited. His high-paying salary has increased his net worth considerably.

Habib began his career with Millburn Corporation as a marketing executive before switching firms and becoming principal at Altedge Capital for four years until moving onto Cheyne Capital as Principal in 2009.

He and Caroline Stanbury are committed family men; together, they have three children named Yasmine, Aaron, and Zac. He works tirelessly towards his professional goals – which has contributed to his success in finance – while at home, he shows his affection through actions that show love for his children – something many can learn from. A true inspiration.

Personal Life

He is an established financier and partner at CIS Private Equity Management Limited. In addition, he previously served as an investment banker. With an impressive resume – holding degrees in International Business and Finance.

Caroline Stanbury and he had three children together: Yasmine is 17 while twin sons Aaron and Zac are 13. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 2019. Caroline now has Sergio Carrallo as her new partner.

Attractive man and with an excellent body figure. Standing 5 feet 9 inches and having an undisclosed weight. He exudes charm with an engaging personality, being great fun to be around; enjoying his work and taking excellent care in providing for his family.

Net Worth

Cem Habib has amassed an astounding net worth of $50 Million through his extraordinary skills in the financial industry, leading him to build an extraordinary career and wealth that continues to increase daily.

He began his career at Millburn Corporation as part of its Offshore Fund of Fund Investment Committee before transitioning to Cheyne Capital Management where he served on their Offshore Fund of Funds Investment Committee and founding AltEdge Capital as one of their founding members.

He is currently married to London socialite Caroline Stanbury, who can be found on Bravo’s reality show Ladies of London. They share three children; Yasmine (daughter), Aaron and Zac twin sons residing near Wentworth in Surrey.

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